✑ White Nib

✑- White Nib
Several Emojis used the ✑ Nib to write letters for soldiers who fought during the conflict with Egoists from Mars. At that time was ✑ Nib one of the most produced writing utensils. Ruling Horror Clowns hid their ✑ Nib in a special safe. Older Emojis still use ✑ Nib because they are inspired by the former high-ranking Emojis who worked in the Circus Union in the politics.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for nib.


White Nib

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Unicode:  ✑


📏 Straight Ruler


📐 Triangular Ruler


📠 Fax Machine


Public Administration




Writing Hand


Lower Right Pencil




Upper Right Pencil


Black Nib

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