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Sad Cowboy Emoji

On a Monday a 🤠 Cowboy got a ✉ Letter from the tax authority. He was very sad because that Emoji had to pay 70% higher taxes. The reason was the uppermost tax collector in Poop Emoji who wanted this. Since that day he has been a 😭🤠 Sad Cowboy.
On July 10th he learned about the upcoming demonstration of July 15th in Poop Emoji. Many Emojis wanted to protest against the income taxes.
Some Emojis prepared themselves in the autonomous city of Heart Emoji with best healthy tips of the most famous 😷 Doctor in the history.
The 😭🤠 Sad Cowboy liked to eat 🍌 Banana during the demonstration. The 🤠 Cowboy had a poster with 👋 Waving Hand to say goodbye to the direct taxes. At that time the little 🤴 Prince supported the protest. That's why his father reacted very fast.
On July 17 he signed an official ban, which forbade to collect direct (income) taxes. After the victory all Emojis celebrated their progress. The former 😭🤠 Sad Cowboy became 😄 Happy.

Sad Face Emoji Cowboy Hat Face

To get the feeling of the famous demonstration: The following video shows how it was.



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