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The list of 26 Heart Emoji meanings

The following 26 Heart Emojis with meanings in the kingdom of Emoji and planet Earth are listed here. The most symbols are used in the medical capital city of Heart Emoji.

1. 💘 Heart With Arrow

Heart With Arrow

Meaning: Medical diagnosis: in love

2. 💓 Beating Heart

Beating Heart

Meaning: Heartbeat, cardiac cycle, heart sound, diagnosis: ran too fast

3. 💔 Broken Heart

Broken Heart

Meaning: Medical diagnosis: bad love, failed love

4. 💖 Sparkling Heart

Sparkling Heart

Meaning: Friendship symbol between two cities

5. 💗 Growing Heart

Growing Heart

Meaning: Medical diagnosis: recovery of heart after disease

6. 💙 Blue Heart

Blue Heart

Meaning: Brother of 💜 Purple Heart and uppermost health minister

7. 💚 Green Heart

Green Heart

Meaning: Father of Heart Emoji and his brother and sister

8. 💛 Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart

Meaning: Good day, synonym for Heart Emoji the most talented famous politician and doctor in the history.

9. Red Heart

Red Heart

Meaning: Brother of Heart Emoji

10. 🧡 Orange Heart

Orange Heart

Meaning: Wisdom

11. 💜 Purple Heart

Purple Heart


12. 🖤 Black Heart

Black Heart

Meaning: A historical Emoji who was produced in the laboratory.

13. 💝 Heart With Ribbon

Heart With Ribbon

Meaning: Gift for anniversary

14. 💞 Revolving Hearts

Revolving Hearts

Meaning: They were used in postcards.

15. 💕 Two Hearts

Two Hearts


16. 💟 Heart Decoration

Heart Decoration

Meaning: Celebration of  joining (city: Heart Emoji) to the kingdom

17. Heavy Heart Exclamation

Heavy Heart Exclamation

Meaning: Exclamation Mark in the medical city of Heart Emoji


😁 Smiley

18. 😍 Heart Eyes Emoji

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes

Meaning: The most famous monk who got his own city.

19. 🥰 Smiling Face With 3 Hearts  (new in 2018)

Smiling Face With 3 Hearts

Meaning: Female monk


👫 Human

20. 💑 Couple with Heart


Meaning: Pair


🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

21. 😻 Heart Eyes Cat

Heart Eyes Cat

Meaning: Religious cat


🎆 Entertainment

22. Heart Suit

Heart Suit

Meaning: Synonym for Heart Emoji

23. White Heart Suit

White Heart Suit

Meaning: Logo of hospitals in Heart Emoji


🏤 Building

24. 💒 Wedding


Meaning: Marriage, get married

25. 🏩 Hotel With Heart

Hotel With Heart

Meaning: First aid hotel

26. 💌 Love Letter

Love Letter

Meaning: ZHK got one of the first historical love letters during the demonstration .


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