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⛖ Black Two-Way Left Way Traffic

⛖- Black Two-Way Left Way Traffic, oncoming traffic
On command of Scary Clown built Emojis many ⛖ Black Two-Way Left Way Traffic signs. The ruler of Circus Union wanted that drivers could better know if they can drive with their 🚗 Car or other vehicle. Two Emojis who decided to ride with their 🚲 Bicycle in the direction of ⛖, started to see different scenes of the past and future. The both Emojis feared that something could happen.
9999 days later started the conflict with Egoists from South Mars.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for black two-way left way traffic.


Black Two-Way Left Way Traffic


Unicode:  ⛖


Disabled Car

Car Sliding

Circled Crossing Lanes

No Entry

Alternate One-Way Left Way Traffic

White Two-Way Left Way Traffic

Black Left Lane Merge

White Left Lane Merge

Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle

Left Closed Entry

Squared Saltire

Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square

Caution Sign

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🚂 Transport

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