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👏🏿 Clapping Hands: Dark Skin Tone

👏🏿- Clapping Hands
This time the first dictator experienced a future in which all without exception in the language of Emojis could easily express themselves. The Emoji met the future 🤴 Prince who told him that Emojis can celebrate that all residents in the galaxy can speak in their language.
At that second the real first dictator 👂 extremely loud noises. The Dark Skin Tone 👏🏿 Clapping Hands wanted to end the adventure of Emoji. That's why they took a 🔭 Telescope. The dictator was thrown in. After 45 moments the Emoji returned from the 🚽 Toilet to the ✈ Airplane. The twin of Emoji landed in the kingdom of Dark Skin Tone 👏🏿 Clapping Hands. After these events, the real dictator took all the packaging with 🧻 Toilet Paper.
Later, journalists reported on the preferences of the ruler to the 🧻 Toilet Paper. The first elected dictator called it fake news because it was just once.
On the next day the uppermost tax collector celebrated the tax duty with a big 🖼 Framed Picture that showed Dark Skin Tone 👏🏿 Clapping Hands.
That Emoji wanted to invite high-ranking politicians to Poop Emoji because he wanted to convince of the tax duty for all residents.
In communication use Earthlings this symbol in connection with dark skin tone clapping hands.


Clapping Hands: Dark Skin Tone


Unicode:  👏🏿



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