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👏🏾 Clapping Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

👏🏾- Clapping Hands
Compared to their predecessors, 👏🏾 did not show the dictator. Instead, 👏🏾 threw the Emoji into a 📼 Videocassette.
There he was allowed to experience a possible version of the present. Emoji received a special 🖥 Desktop Computer for his tenth anniversary as a dictator.
He could store his thoughts directly with WLAN in the device. So he saved time. His thoughts produced a document with 💭 Thought Balloon.
There, his thoughts turned not only in written form, but could also be realized visually. This meant that his thoughts were directly filmed by this program.
Emoji reacted with 🥳 Partying Face. He also found the most famous 😷 Doctor in history 666 days before his death. He appointed him his successor.
The first dictator liked this version of present. That's why he wanted to do everything to make it so. The Medium-Dark Skin Tone 👏🏾 Clapping Hands reacted 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing. 👏🏾 ended the dictator's dreams by sending ⛆ Rain to all events. The Emoji landed in the territory of 👏🏿 Clapping Hands: Dark Skin Tone.
In communication use Earthlings this symbol in connection with medium-dark skin tone clapping hands.


Clapping Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone


Unicode:  👏🏾



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