⚲ It

⚲- It, (third-person, pronoun), things
If an Emoji doesn't know the gender of a thing, he or she uses the ⚲ It. The former tax collector called the building of the tax authority ⚲ It in his speeches. Some Emojis use the ⚲ It symbol in connection with different companies or organizations.
One day an Emoji landed on the ⚸ Black Moon Lilith. There a 🔧 Wrench started to talk to him. When the curious Emoji wanted to know the gender of that thing. ⚲ It told that ⚲ It was not male and not female because ⚲ It was made of metal.
During the demonstration against income tax had many Emojis posters with ⚲ It. They used that shortcut for the tax authority.
In communication use Emojis this symbol as it.



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Unicode:  ⚲


Male With Stroke And Male And Female Sign


Vertical Male With Stroke Sign


Horizontal Male With Stroke Sign







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