⚮ Divorce

⚮- Divorce, dissolution of marriage
After the end of Circus Union saw Emojis and other residents that the independence of the former united countries was the new reality. That's why decided several Emojis to ⚮ Divorce. The new reality made it meaningful to ⚮ Divorce especially among older Emojis who were retired. At the times of the active tax duty got ⚭ married Emojis less retirement pension.
They suffered from state greed. If those old Emojis could stay married, they would have not enough 💰 Money to survive.
Out of necessity old Emojis had to ⚮ Divorce. The tax collector found out in the statistics that many old Emojis ⚮ Divorced.
That's why this Emoji invented the special ⚮ Divorce tax of 5 Bitcoins per divorced citizen.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for divorce.



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Unicode:  ⚮


Male With Stroke And Male And Female Sign


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