☲ Trigram for Fire

☲- Trigram for Fire, 離 Lí
On planet Earth use people the ☲ sign for Fire (離 Lí).
When the most hated Emoji saw the ☲ Trigram for Fire in his device, he was happy that the taxable Emoji paid at least 90% of the income tax. One day invented stingy Emojis a way to deceive the device of the most hated Emoji. Later the ☲ Trigram for Fire showed that those Emojis already paid at least 92% of their taxes. In reality they paid not more than 39%. After the end of income tax celebrated stingy Emojis the ☲ Trigram for Fire as preparation for the end of income tax.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for the trigram for fire.


Trigram for Fire

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Unicode:  ☲


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