☰ Trigram for Heaven

☰- Trigram for Heaven, a psychology book, 乾 Qián
On planet Earth use people the ☰ sign for Heaven or Sky (乾 Qián). An Emoji who visited his friend, a psychologist, wanted to talk with him. On the ground he found a 📕 Closed Book that had the ☰ symbol on the front side. Emoji asked his friend what the ☰ Trigram for Heaven means. The psychologist replied: "The ☰ Trigram for Heaven teaches the handling with different creatures. There can be found every particularity in the psychology."
The Emoji wanted to know if the ☰ Trigram for Heaven can be used in the future. At that times experienced Emojis different adventures in 📱 smartphones of Earthlings. The psychologist said that Emojis have enough time to study the psychology of Earthlings.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for trigram for heaven (psychology book).


Trigram for Heaven

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Unicode:  ☰


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