⛋ White Diamond in Square

⛋- White Diamond in Square, intelligence quotient (IQ) test, smart Emoji, clever Emoji
Psychologists like to use the ⛋ White Diamond in Square in different ways in their IQ tests.
They combine it with other symbols or colours. Every smart Emoji gets an officially verified result of the own intelligence with the ⛋ White Diamond in Square. The former uppermost tax collector wanted to get the confirmation of his high intelligence quotient because he wanted to show Emojis that his decisions were right. Later he commanded to a psychologist to invent a special intelligence quotient test for tax collectors in connection with taxes. Later the most hated Emoji could get the ⛋ White Diamond in Square in a certificate.
On that day this Emoji discovered through the window a big 🌈 Rainbow.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for white diamond in square or in connection with an IQ test.


White Diamond in Square

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Unicode:  ⛋




Shadowed White Circle


Lower Right Drop-Shadowed White Square


Upper Right Drop-Shadowed White Square


Lower Right Shadowed White Square


Upper Right Shadowed White Square


Square Four Corners

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