Covid19 will say goodbye on 2 June 2021

On 1st of April 2021 Coronavirus Covid19 got the chance to ℹ Inform the people of planet ♁ Earth about the end of the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Covid19

The face of Coronavirus Covid19 who is a VIV (Very Important Virus).

Coronavirus Covid19 Face

Coronavirus Covid19 has a very important message for people: "Goodbye Planet Earth! My Team and I end our job here on 1st of June 2021. On the next day we fly away to our next station: ♂ Mars."

Good News about Coronavirus Covid19

As a celebrity very important virus Coronavirus Covid19 enjoys its status and tried to contact mass media news journalists to tell them about the end of the job. Sweasy26 wanted to know why the contact to journalists of news websites failed. Coronavirus Covid19: "I tried on their 💻 Personal Computer or 📱 Mobile Phone, but they sent their devices to the quarantine because they were tested positive for Coronavirus". Sweasy26 wants to show how Coronavirus Covid19 appeared:

Tested positive for Coronavirus Covid19: Computer

Tested positive for Coronavirus Covid19: Smartphone

Sweasy26: Your team and you are blamed for the murder of over 2 million people. Coronavirus Covid19 defends itself and its team: "We are not killers. We do OUR JOB. We just came to say hello and donate our best protein, but people search for negative instead of positive in us!"

Coronavirus Covid19 defends itself

Sweasy26: According to the most sources your team and you started your job on December 2019. Coronavirus Covid19: "No. Every Coronavirus was born before 2019. We were born at the same time as the world was created. We had to wait 1000s of years for our job. We are very patient."

Coronavirus Covid19: First confirmed case

Sweasy26 wants to know how do Coronavirus Covid19 and its mutations work. Coronavirus Covid19: "If we come to a person, we have different things to do. We have a To Do List (TDL) for every person. We check the person for DEFAMATION. If there are no problems, we just say hello and donate our protein. Our job is very different and hard on planet ♁ Earth."

Coronavirus Covid19: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Sweasy26 wants to know why countries where people have to wear a 😷 mask, got increased the number of positive tested or sick people. Coronavirus Covid19: "Masks protect the wearing person not against us, but against DEFAMATION (oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation). This is one of many reasons of our job on planet Earth."

Coronavirus Covid19: Masks

Sweasy26 asks Coronavirus about what can people do if they want to avoid severe course of the disease. Coronavirus Covid19 recommends to do the same what people did in the Book of Jonah, Covid19: "If You want to help us to end the job without problems for Your health. Here is what to do: The king of Nineveh puts on sackcloth and sits in ashes, making a proclamation which decrees fasting, the wearing of sackcloth, prayer, and repentance (from Book of Jonah)."

Coronavirus Covid19: How to end the coronavirus

Before Coronavirus Covid19 ends its conversation. The celebrity virus wants to mention the mutations because Covid19 is very proud of them. Covid19: "In my 🧳 suitcase will be all mutations on the end of first of June 2021, because we will end our job here."

Coronavirus Covid19: Mutations

Coronavirus Covid19 wants to present its team of mutations:

Cluster 5 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B117 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B.1.1.207 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B.1.1.317 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B.1.1.318 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B.1.351 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B.1.429/ CAL.20C Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

B.1.525 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

P.1 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

P.3 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

D614G Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

E484K Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

E67 Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

N501Y Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

S477G/N Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

P681H Covid 19 Mutation, Coronavirus

Coronavirus Covid19 wants to show how the pandemic will end:

Covid 19 Pandemic End, Coronavirus

Coronavirus Covid19 thanks to everyone who spreads the good news.

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