⚣ Doubled Male Sign

⚣- Doubled Male Sign, boyfriends, friendship, female Emojis: men, husbands, tax collector: father and son
Male students use the ⚣ Doubled Male Sign as symbol for the best boyfriends. The first elected dictator told in an interview that an 👽 Alien with roots from Mercury was his best 🏫 School friend. Their ⚣ friendship remained after their education.
The both ⚣ boyfriends were even together in the politics. The first dictator appointed his friend as his assistant.
The former uppermost tax collector tried to make ⚣ friendship with different high-ranking Emojis because he wanted regularly to increase taxes. Most hated Emoji used the ⚣ Doubled Male Sign for taxable father and son. During the demonstration against the income taxes came fathers and sons with big poster: Free ⚣
In communication use Emojis this symbol for boyfriends or doubled male sign.


Doubled Male Sign

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Unicode:  ⚣


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Male Sign


Doubled Female Sign


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