♀ Female Sign

♀- Female Sign, on planet Halloween: planet Venus
On planet Earth use people the ♀ symbol as ♀ Female Sign. One day an Emoji visited invisible a country on planet Earth.
He thought that the ♀ Female Sign that this Emoji saw, was the direction to ♀ Venus. He feared to meet advertising 👽 Aliens who could try to promote their religion. The Emoji decided to go to that place with ♀ Female Sign.
After some time, he noticed that there were only 👩 and 👧. Suddenly the male Emoji stood only among them. All 👩 and 👧 started to 👀 him. The Emoji started to change his facial expression. He tried different smileys. A woman showed him the ♀ Female Sign. Emoji understood nothing. Later some girls started to scream: "Real Emoji, real Emoji❗"
In communication use Earthlings this symbol for female sign, Emojis use it for planet Venus.


Female Sign

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Unicode:  ♀


For comparison how different ♀ Female Sign looks on:

Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung


Female Sign on Google Android


Female Sign on Facebook


Female Sign on Microsoft Windows


Female Sign on Twitter Twemoji


Female Sign on JoyPixels


Female Sign on Samsung


Male Sign


Doubled Female Sign


Doubled Male Sign


Interlocked Female And Male Sign


Male And Female Sign


Male With Stroke Sign

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