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➽ Heavy Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow

➽- Heavy Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow, get debts, get credit
Stingy Emojis used after the death of last Horror Clown the ➽ arrow in their advertising to motivate working Emojis to spend their 💰 Money for 💸. For this purpose they advertised that it was very good to buy less money for more. For example wrote a stingy Emoji: ➽ Get 5000 Bitcoins TODAY! Pay back 666 days later! Only stupid Emojis thought that it was a good deal.
In reality got those Emojis high debts with misers. Gathered lawyers got to know the problems of indebted Emojis and the stingy companies because of the popular ➽ Heavy Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow symbol in the advertising. That's why lawyers decided to work on that law: Can third party take debts of Emojis?
In communication use Emojis this symbol for "get debts" or "credit".


Heavy Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow

Copy and paste Heavy Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow

Unicode:  ➽


Teardrop-Barbed Rightwards Arrow


Heavy Teardrop-Shanked Rightwards Arrow


Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow


Open-Outlined Rightwards Arrow


🔝 TOP Arrow


🔜 SOON Arrow


🔛 ON! Arrow


🔚 END Arrow


🔙 BACK Arrow

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