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☝🏽 Index Pointing Up: Medium Skin Tone

☝🏽- Index Pointing Up
An Emoji was inspired by the former candidate for dictatorship. That Emoji wanted to flee to the independent city of Heart Emoji because of the tax duty for all Emojis. That's why he needed several excuses. At the very top he wrote on his 📃 Page With Curl the Medium Skin Tone ☝🏽 Index Pointing Up. Emoji counted several reasons.
1. I need to go to Heart Emoji because of my medical studies. 2. I want to eat more 🍅 Tomatoes. 3. My sister invited me. 4. I promise to return as a qualified 😷 Doctor with a big 💰 Money Bag to pay high income taxes 😏. At the border with the city, authorities examined every reason with 🔬 Microscope. They liked the fourth reason.
After Emoji passed the border, he ran fast. In Heart Emoji he hung the picture with Medium Skin Tone ☝🏽 Index Pointing Up in his ⛺ Tent. Later he began excavations, which led to a tunnel in his homeland. The Emoji used it to save his assets against direct taxes. He brought several little things every day.
One day he found a list of ☝🏾 Index Pointing Up: Medium-Dark Skin Tone in tunnel.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for index pointing up as attention at lunchtime.


Index Pointing Up: Medium Skin Tone


Unicode:  ☝🏽



Index Pointing Up

☝🏻 Index Pointing Up: Light Skin Tone

☝🏼 Index Pointing Up: Medium-Light Skin Tone

☝🏾 Index Pointing Up: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

☝🏿 Index Pointing Up: Dark Skin Tone

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