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💩💩 Double Pile of Poo

💩💩- Double Pile of Poo, In the city of Poop Emoji: Very proud resident of the city
On a Monday a 😋 Emoji wanted to take his 💰 Money in his 🏦 Bank. He asked the employee. After 1234 milliseconds a masked Emoji came and demanded 💰. The employee pressed a wrong button. Suddenly the 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo appeared. It said: "Welcome to Poop Emoji"
He proudly said that only the uppermost tax collector is allowed to steal 💰 Money 😉. The thief admitted to being from another city.
After 45 seconds an earthquake began. The 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo produced from 🧱 Bricks of the 🏦 several fast jumping animals.
Among them was a 🦘 Kangaroo that jumped straight at the thief. At that time the first Emoji who came to take his 💰 used the situation.
He started to search with his 🔦 Flashlight for 💸 Flying Banknotes. The 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo took 206 Bitcoins and gave that Emoji. Meanwhile, all of the 🏦 Bank's employees fled. The 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo noticed that the Emoji wanted to take more 💰 Money than he had in his 🏦 account. 💩💩 reacted with expulsion from the window the Emoji. At that second the thief found a suitcase under surrounding 🧱 Bricks.
That Emoji took it and escaped. He hoped to find there 💰 Money. The Emoji went to the eucalyptuses of Crying Laughing Emoji. There the  thief wanted to open the suitcase. In it, he found a map from 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo who showed in where precious treasure was hidden.
The thief took his ⛏ Pick and returned to Poop Emoji. The 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo ℹ Informed the local Secret Service about its fake letter.
When the thief came with ⛏ to that place, there several Emojis waited for him. He was arrested because of attempted theft.
After these events the 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo became the symbol of very proud resident among Emoji Poops.
In communication use Emojis the double pile of poo in connection with very proud residents of their city.


Double Pile of Poo


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Unicode:  💩💩


For comparison how different 💩💩 Double Pile of Poo looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung, Google GMail, SoftBank, KDDI


Double Pile of Poo on Apple iOS


Double Pile of Poo on Google Android


Double Pile of Poo on Facebook


Double Pile of Poo on Microsoft Windows


Double Pile of Poo on Twitter Twemoji


Double Pile of Poo on JoyPixels


Double Pile of Poo on Samsung

Google GMail


Pile of Poo: 1 on Google GMail Pile of Poo: 2 on Google GMail



Pile of Poo: 1 on SoftBank Pile of Poo: 2 on SoftBank



Pile of Poo: 1 KDDI Pile of Poo: 2 KDDI

Double Pile of Poo: Small


💩 Pile of Poo


💩💩💩 Three Times Pile of Poo


💩💩💩💩 Four Times Pile of Poo


💩💩💩👙👙👙 Three Times Pile of Poo and Three Times Bikini


💩💩💩💩👙👙👙 Four Times Pile of Poo and Three Times Bikini


💩💩💩💩👙👙👙👙 Four Times Pile of Poo and Four Times Bikini


💩💩💰💰 Double Pile of Poo and Double Money Bag


💩🚽 Pile of Poo and Toilet


💩❤ Pile of Poo and Red Heart

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