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48 Emojis that start with E

The list of 48 Emojis that start with E in their English Unicode names.

99,976 days ago the future city president of Heart Emoji, an 🧝 Elf visited the Easter 🥚 Egg Country.
There he sat down on a chair that was built especially for tourists from abroad. His thoughts got at 🕗 Eight O’clock different pictures of the future. He experienced in his thoughts how Bronze Stone 🤡 Clown, Scary Clown and Horror Clown will take over the power.
The famous 🦲 Bald Emoji was also shown lying to him. He said to 🧝 Elf: "Why are you disturbing me in my paradise I'm not ready for rebirth for a long time."
The next scene was a historical demonstration for old-age pensions in the city of Heart Emoji. At that second an Easter 🥚 Egg pressed the ⏏ Eject Button.
The 🧝 Elf had to change the chair. On the second green chair he experienced how the media entrepreneur Tycoon from ♄ Saturn came to Middle Finger Emoji.
There the 👽 Alien searched for a solution against immortality. All Emojis liked him as best employer and local high-ranking politician.
The childhood and birth of Star Emoji made 🧝 Elf laugh. The reason was that astronomers from abroad came to that city.
This adventure ended for him with a big ⁉ Exclamation Question Mark.
After his return he found on his table a list of Emojis that started with Latin letter 🇪 on an 💶 Euro Banknote.

😁 Smiley

1. 😑 Expressionless Face 

Expressionless Face 

2. 🤯 Exploding Head

Exploding Head


👫 Human

3. 🧝 Elf



4. 🧝🏻  elf: light skin tone

5. 🧝🏼  elf: medium-light skin tone

6. 🧝🏽  elf: medium skin tone

7. 🧝🏾  elf: medium-dark skin tone

8. 🧝🏿  elf: dark skin tone


👅 Body Parts

9. 👂 Ear



10. 👂🏻  ear: light skin tone

11. 👂🏼  ear: medium-light skin tone

12. 👂🏽  ear: medium skin tone

13. 👂🏾  ear: medium-dark skin tone

14. 👂🏿  ear: dark skin tone

15. 👀 Eyes


16. 👁 Eye


17. 👁️🗨️  Eye in speech bubble


🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

18. 🐑 Sheep Unicode name: Ewe


19. 🐘 Elephant


20. 🦅 Eagle



🌲 Plants

21. 🌲 Evergreen Tree



🍇 Fruits and Vegetables

22. 🍆 Eggplant



🍳 Food and Drink

23. 🥚 Egg



🕖 Clock and Time

24. 🕗 Eight O’clock

Eight O’clock

25. 🕣 Eight-Thirty


26. 🕚 Eleven O’clock

Eleven O’clock

27. 🕦 Eleven-Thirty



💾 High-Tech

28. 🔌 Electric Plug

Electric Plug


🔧 Tools

29. Envelope



📧 Mail

30. 📧 E-mail


31. 📩 Envelope With Arrow

Envelope With Arrow



32. 🔚 END Arrow

END Arrow



33. Eject Button

Eject Button


🌟 Stars

34. Eight Spoked Asterisk

Eight Spoked Asterisk

35. Eight Pointed Star

Eight Pointed Black Star


Grammar and Mathematical

36. Exclamation Question Mark

Exclamation Question Mark

37. Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Mark


💰 Money and Paper

38. 💶 Euro Banknote

Euro Banknote


39. 🇪🇦 Ceuta & Melilla

Ceuta & Melilla

40. 🇪🇨 Ecuador


41. 🇪🇪 Estonia


42. 🇪🇬 Egypt


43. 🇪🇭 Western Sahara

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

44. 🇪🇷 Eritrea


45. 🇪🇸 Spain


46. 🇪🇹 Ethiopia


47. 🇪🇺 European Union

European Union

48. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿  England



Why are Ceuta & Melilla, Western Sahara and Spain listed under the Latin letter E?

Every flag has two letters. The first letter of those flags starts with 🇪.



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