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56 Emojis that start with D

The list of 56 Emojis that start with D in their English Unicode names.

8888 days ago a 😞 Disappointed Emoji told his parents that a 🕵 Detective spied him in favor of the tax authority. Emoji told them that the spy noticed how he hid a 🥁 Drum of gold. His parents reacted with a 😵 Dizzy Face. His aunt recommended him to use the old 🚚 Delivery Truck to bring the 🥁 Drum to the 🏚 Derelict House in the middle of the forest in Middle Finger Emoji. On that Thursday many Emojis tried to hide their valuables because an insider who worked for the tax authority told that the uppermost tax collector and finance minister suffered an envy attack.
That's why the most hated Emoji commanded to search for all valuables in Emoji. Some tax collectors found a secret 🚪 Door that was closed.
They opened it with 🗡 Dagger. There those Emojis found a 🏚 Derelict House. Instead of valuable objects, they found different animals there. Among them were 🐕 Dog, 🦌 Deer, 🦆 Duck and a blue 🐉 Dragon. Emojis contacted veterinarians. At the same time, they forgot their mission.
On the same day, the owner of the animals learned that his hiding place was found by the authorities. The 🤤 Drooling Face Emoji went to that place. He came with the mask of Horror Clown and searched for his valuable 💠 Diamond With A Dot. After 223 seconds the Emoji wanted to flee with his 💠. At that time, a strong earthquake began. That Emoji fell deep into the earth. He landed on a 📀 DVD. An underground 🐶 Dog Face ate his 💠.
After 444 seconds a big 🕊 Dove came and took the Emoji and brought him to the 🚚 Delivery Truck of his father. There he found the 🥁 Drum of gold.
In his 🖥 Desktop Computer that Emoji wanted to search for his old documents of the past year. Instead, a sentence annoyed him: "Please read it immediately: The list about Emojis that start with Latin letter 🇩."

😁 Smiley

1. 🤤 Drooling Face

Drooling Face

2. 😓 Face with Cold Sweat Unicode name: Downcast Face With Sweat

Face with Cold Sweat

3. 😞 Disappointed Face

Disappointed Face

4. 😵 Dizzy Unicode name: Dizzy Face

Dizzy Face


👫 Human

5. 🕵 Detective



6. 🕵🏻  detective: light skin tone

7. 🕵🏼  detective: medium-light skin tone

8. 🕵🏽  detective: medium skin tone

9. 🕵🏾  detective: medium-dark skin tone

10. 🕵🏿  detective: dark skin tone


🌟 Stars

11. 💫 Vertigo Unicode name: Dizzy


12. 🔯 Dotted Six-Pointed Star

Dotted Six-Pointed Star


👚 Clothing

13. 👗 Dress



🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

14. 🐶 Dog Face

Dog Face

15. 🐕 Dog


16. 🦌 Deer


17. 🕊 Dove


18. 🦆 Duck


19. 🐲 Dragon Face

Dragon Face

20. 🐉 Dragon


21. 🐬 Dolphin



🌲 Plants

22. 🌳 Tree Unicode name: Deciduous Tree



🍳 Food and Drink

23. 🍡 Dango


24. 🥟 Dumpling


25. 🍩 Donut



🌈 Geography and Weather

26. 🏜 Desert


27. 🏝 Desert Island

Desert Island

28. 💧 Droplet



🏤 Building

29. 🏚 Derelict House

Derelict House

30. 🏬 Department Store

Department Store


🚂 Transport

31. 🚚 Delivery Truck

Delivery Truck


🔧 Tools

32. 🚪 Door


33. 🗡 Dagger



🎆 Entertainment

34. Diamond Suit

Diamond Suit

35. 🎯 Bullseye Unicode name: Direct Hit



🎋 Japanese signs

36. 💠 Diamond With A Dot

Diamond With A Dot


🎼 Music

37. 🥁 Drum



💾 High-Tech

38. 🖥 Desktop Computer

Desktop Computer

39. 📀 DVD


40. 🔅 Dim Button

Dim Button



41. 🧬 DNA (new since 2018, on Twitter works)



💰 Money and Paper

42. 💵 Dollar Banknote

Dollar Banknote



43. Down-Right Arrow

Down-Right Arrow

44. Down Arrow

Down Arrow

45. Down-Left Arrow

Down-Left Arrow



46. 🔽 Downwards Button Unicode name: Down Button

Downwards Button


Grammar and Mathematical

47. Double Exclamation Mark

Double Exclamation Mark


🐾 Different

48. Double Curly Loop

Double Curly Loop

49. 💨 Dashing Away

Dashing Away


50. 🇩🇪  Germany


51.  🇩🇬  Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia

52. 🇩🇯  Djibouti


53. 🇩🇰  Denmark


54. 🇩🇲  Dominica


55. 🇩🇴  Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

56. 🇩🇿  Algeria



Why are Germany and Algeria listed under the Latin letter D?

Every flag has two letters. The first letter of those flags starts with 🇩.


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