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35 Emojis that start with V

The list of 35 Emojis that start with V  in their English Unicode names.

When the future tourism minister Monkey Emoji was 2776 days old, his parents attended a concert with him. When Emoji 👂 heard the musical instrument 🎻 Violin, he took his own too and repeated perfectly every sound.
One day a tax collector visited his parents because that Emoji wanted to estimate value of an old 📼 Videocassette.
They were suspected of getting a historical 📼 Videocassette. Later, several researchers found out that it was quite normal 📼 Videocassette. The only difference was that it was made from a more valuable material.
Thereon tax collectors found stage performances by Monkey Emoji with his 🎻 Violin. They wanted to know if their son got 💰 Money.
Shortly before the death of the last Horror Clown Monkey Emoji and his parents visited the famous 🌋 Volcano that breaks out triangular golden pieces in the port city of Japanese Emoji.
He wanted to collect triangular golden pieces. The reason was to gild his new 🎻 Violin. There, local Emojis tried to distract visitors with 🏐 Volleyball.
On that day the future finance minister visited the 🌋 Volcano and installed almost everywhere at least 📹 Video Camera. The Secret Service supported him.
An earthquake after the death of the last ruler of Circus Union destroyed his devices. Later Monkey Emoji used his gilded 🎻 Violin on the day before the elections of first dictator.
The first elected dictator told in a ☎ Telephone interview with 📻 Radio that he found during an adventure a list with Unicode Emojis that started with Latin letter 🇻. His problem was that he did not know the meaning of Unicode. After this event the first elected dictator commanded to his deputy to found a special research group to find out what could be Unicode.

👫 Human

1. 🧛 Vampire



2. 🧛🏻  vampire: light skin tone

3. 🧛🏼  vampire: medium-light skin tone

4. 🧛🏽  vampire: medium skin tone

5. 🧛🏾  vampire: medium-dark skin tone

6. 🧛🏿  vampire: dark skin tone


👅 Body Parts

7. Victory Hand

Victory Hand


8. ✌🏻  victory hand: light skin tone

9. ✌🏼  victory hand: medium-light skin tone

10. ✌🏽  victory hand: medium skin tone

11. ✌🏾  victory hand: medium-dark skin tone

12. ✌🏿  victory hand: dark skin tone

13. 🖖 Vulcan Salute

Vulcan Salute


14. 🖖🏻  Vulcan salute: light skin tone

15. 🖖🏼  Vulcan salute: medium-light skin tone

16. 🖖🏽  Vulcan salute: medium skin tone

17. 🖖🏾  Vulcan salute: medium-dark skin tone

18. 🖖🏿  Vulcan salute: dark skin tone


🌈 Geography and Weather

19. 🌋 Volcano



🚂 Transport

20. 🚦 Vertical Traffic Light

Vertical Traffic Light


🎆 Entertainment

21. 🎮 Video Game

Video Game

22. 🏐 Volleyball



🎼 Music

23. 🎻 Violin



💾 High-Tech

24. 📳 Vibration Mode

Vibration Mode

25. 📹 Video Camera

Video Camera

26. 📼 Videocassette Do you use it  It is in museum of 20th century 😏



Astrological signs

27. Virgo



🅰 Alphanum

28. 🆚 VS Button

VS Button



29. 🇻🇦  Vatican City

Vatican City

30. 🇻🇨  St. Vincent & Grenadines

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

31. 🇻🇪  Venezuela


32. 🇻🇬  British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

33. 🇻🇮  U.S. Virgin Islands

United States Virgin Islands

34. 🇻🇳  Vietnam


35. 🇻🇺  Vanuatu



Why are St. Vincent & Grenadines, British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands listed under the Latin letter V?

Every flag has two letters. The first letter of those flags starts with 🇻.



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