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63 Emojis that start with O

The list of 63 Emojis that start with O in their English Unicode names.

The former judge who worked on the law of Emoji after independence visited a library in the city of Sad Emoji. There he spent a lot of time. At 🕜 One-Thirty a well-known Emoji came to judge and started to talk to him. The third Emoji pointed to an 📖 Open Book.
A sad face moved in the book. All three Emojis focused on this face. It was the face of Sad Emoji who was born with a sad face.
That was the reason for his expulsion from the royal family. That's why he got his own city. Sad Emoji said nothing, but sent his thoughts directly into the 🧠 Brains of his observers.
He told them how his city got the famous bridge of aluminium in the air. After 424 seconds Sad Emoji disappeared.
From the 📖 Open Book an 📙 Orange Book was spit in 3 copies. In this way Sad Emoji thanked them for their attention.
After these events the judge returned to Emoji Opinion. There he noticed on an 💿 Optical Disk different moving images.
He 👀 saw himself in the future. That Emoji became a parliamentarian who, after the end of the tax duty, formulated the new law.
He also participated in the transformation of the tax authority building into a museum with tax returns.
The former judge found an 🗝 Old Key. He tried to open the mailbox. That didn't work. Coincidentally, he found in an 📬 Open Mailbox With Raised Flag a list with Emojis that started with Latin letter 🇴.

🎋 Japanese signs

1. 👹 Ogre



👫 Human

2. 🧓 Older Adult

Older Adult


3. 🧓🏻  older adult: light skin tone

4. 🧓🏼  older adult: medium-light skin tone

5. 🧓🏽  older adult: medium skin tone

6. 🧓🏾  older adult: medium-dark skin tone

7. 🧓🏿  older adult: dark skin tone

8. 👴 Grandfather Unicode: Old Man



9. 👴🏻  old man: light skin tone

10. 👴🏼  old man: medium-light skin tone

11. 👴🏽  old man: medium skin tone

12. 👴🏾  old man: medium-dark skin tone

13. 👴🏿  old man: dark skin tone

14. 👵 Grandmother Unicode: Old Woman



15. 👵🏻  old woman: light skin tone

16. 👵🏼  old woman: medium-light skin tone

17. 👵🏽  old woman: medium skin tone

18. 👵🏾  old woman: medium-dark skin tone

19. 👵🏿  old woman: dark skin tone


👅 Body Parts

20. 👌 OK Gesture  OK Hand

OK Gesture


21. 👌🏻 OK Hand: Light Skin Tone

22. 👌🏼 OK Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone

23. 👌🏽 OK Hand: Medium Skin Tone

24. 👌🏾 OK Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

25. 👌🏿 OK Hand: Dark Skin Tone

26. 👊 Fist  Unicode: Oncoming Fist



27. 👊🏻 Oncoming Fist: Light Skin Tone

28. 👊🏼 Oncoming Fist: Medium-Light Skin Tone

29. 👊🏽 Oncoming Fist: Medium Skin Tone

30. 👊🏾 Oncoming Fist: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

31. 👊🏿 Oncoming Fist: Dark Skin Tone

32. 👐 Hands Unicode: Open Hands



33. 👐🏻  open hands: light skin tone

34. 👐🏼  open hands: medium-light skin tone

35. 👐🏽  open hands: medium skin tone

36. 👐🏾  open hands: medium-dark skin tone

37. 👐🏿  open hands: dark skin tone


💘 Hearts

38. 🧡 Orange Heart

Orange Heart


🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

39. 🐂 Ox


40. 🦉 Owl



🍳 Food and Drink

41. 🍢 Oden



🏤 Building

42. 🏢 Office Building Emojis: Historical tax authority building

Office Building


🚂 Transport

43. 🚍 Oncoming Bus

Oncoming Bus

44. 🚔 Oncoming Police Car

Oncoming Police Car

45. 🚖 Oncoming Taxi

Oncoming Taxi

46. 🚘 Oncoming Automobile

Oncoming Automobile


🕖 Clock and Time

47. 🕐 One O’clock

One O’clock

48. 🕜 One-Thirty



💾 High-Tech

49. 💿 Optical Disk

Optical Disk


💰 Money and Paper 

50. 📖 Open Book

Open Book

51. 📙 Orange Book Emojis: Good mood book

Orange Book

📧 Mail

52. 📤 Outbox Tray

Outbox Tray

53. 📬 Open Mailbox With Raised Flag

Open Mailbox With Raised Flag

54. 📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag

Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag


🔧 Tools

55. 📂 Open File Folder

Open File Folder

56. 🗝 Old Key

Old Key



57. 🔛 ON! Arrow

ON! Arrow


Religious Symbols

58. 🕉 Om


59. Orthodox Cross

Orthodox Cross


Astrological signs

60. Ophiuchus



🅰 Alphanum

61. 🅾 O Button (Blood Type)

O Button (Blood Type)

62. 🆗 OK Button

OK Button


63. 🇴🇲 Oman



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