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54 Emojis that start with A

The list of 54 Emojis that start with A in their English Unicode names.

Seven 👽 Aliens visited a vegetable market on a Monday. There they found 🥑 Avocado. They desperately wanted to know how much a huge 🥑 Avocado weighed.
The seller said that it was at least as heavy as 44,446,567 🐜 Ants. An 👽 Alien wanted to buy it. He was willing to be at fault with his friends. At that second an 👿 Angry Face With Horns came to market. He had an ⏰ Alarm Clock that could frighten the visitors.
Suddenly the famous historic town dictator Avoid appeared. He told to the seller of 🥑 Avocado that he want for free it. The seller reacted with 😠 Angry Face. Avoid told him that he is the town dictator of Alien Emoji. The seller reacted with 😧 Anguished Face and said that the real Avoid died more than 73,000 days ago. The town dictator Avoid was also very popular among the local population. The 👽 Alien admitted that he had disguised himself as Avoid in this life for Halloween.
After 53 minutes an Emoji with 🎨 Artist Palette wanted to sell 🎟 Admission Tickets for an event that could take place in an ✈ Airplane. His problem was that he was very bad at math.
That's why the Emoji needed the help of 🧮 Abacus. Suddenly all the visitors noticed that it was still bright, although it was very late evening. A strong earthquake began. Some Emojis and 👽 Aliens fell into a 🕳 Hole. Later they had to be rescued using ⚓ Anchor. Later the two town dictators an Emoji and an 👽 Alien commanded to buy the huge 🥑 Avocado as a gift for saviors. An Emoji who was among survivors told he found in the 🚑 Ambulance a list of Emojis that start with Latin letter 🇦.

😁 Smiley

1. 😲 Astonished Face

Astonished Face Emoji

2. 😧 Anguished Face

Anguished Face

3. 😰 Anxious Face with Sweat

Anxious Face with Sweat Emoji

4. 😠 Angry Face

Angry Face

5. 👽 Alien

Alien Emoji


💩 Fantasy Face

6. 👿 Angry Face With Horns

Angry Face With Horns

7. 👾 Alien Monster on planet Halloween: Snail

Halloween Snail


👫 Human

8.  🧑 Adult



9. 🧑🏻 adult: light skin tone

10. 🧑🏼 adult: medium-light skin tone

11. 🧑🏽 adult: medium skin tone

12. 🧑🏾 adult: medium-dark skin tone

13. 🧑🏿 adult: dark skin tone


🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

14. 🐜 Ant



🍇 Fruits and Vegetables

15. 🥑 Avocado



🔧 Tools

16. 🏺 Amphora


17. Anchor


18. Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock


🎆 Entertainment

19. 🎨 Artist Palette

Artist Palette

20. 🎟 Admission Tickets

Admission Tickets

21. 🏈 American Football

American Football


🚂 Transport

22. 🚑 Ambulance


23. 🚗 Automobile


24. 🚛 Articulated Lorry

Articulated Lorry

25. Airplane


26. 🛫 Airplane Departure

Airplane Departure

27. 🛬 Airplane Arrival

Airplane Arrival

28. 🚡 Aerial Tramway

Aerial Tramway


💾 High-Tech

29. 📶 Antenna Bars

Antenna Bars

30. 🧮 Abacus (new since 2018, on Twitter works)




31. Alembic



🐾 Different

32. Atom Symbol

Atom Symbol


💰 Money and Paper

33. 🏧 ATM sign

ATM sign


Astrological signs

34. Aries


35. Aquarius



🅰 Alphanum

36. 🅰 A Button (Blood Type)

A Button (Blood Type)

37. 🆎 AB Button (Blood Type)

AB Button (Blood Type)


38. 🇦🇨 Ascension Island

Ascension Island

39. 🇦🇩 Andorra


40. 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

41. 🇦🇫 Afghanistan


42. 🇦🇬 Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua And Barbuda

43. 🇦🇮 Anguilla


44. 🇦🇱 Albania


45. 🇦🇲 Armenia


46. 🇦🇴 Angola


47. 🇦🇶 Antarctica


48. 🇦🇷 Argentina


49. 🇦🇸 American Samoa

American Samoa

50. 🇦🇹 Austria


51. 🇦🇺 Australia


52. 🇦🇼 Aruba


53. 🇦🇽 Åland Islands

Åland Islands

54. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan



Why are United Arab Emirates listed under the Latin letter A?

Every flag has two letters. The first letter of those flags starts with 🇦.


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