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⚓ Anchor

⚓- Anchor, hold, pull, Secret Service: captured
The most ships on the Yellow Sea are captured by the ⚓ Anchor because their owners want to prevent the escape of the ship. The ⚓ Anchor symbol is very popular in the communication of the police or Secret Service in Emoji. A researcher found out 667 days ago that almost every third word was ⚓ Anchor in their communication.
After this event the uppermost Emoji of the Secret Service had to leave his job.
Journalists use the ⚓ Anchor symbol in the passive voice. For example:
The thief was captured by the police. A journalist writes this: The thief was ⚓ by 👮.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for anchor or passive form.




Unicode:  ⚓


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