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💵 Dollar Banknote

💵- Dollar Banknote, Federal Reserve Notes, US Dollar
One day came seven Emojis and two Aliens from Pluto with time machine to planet Earth. They landed at the times of the famous theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. Those Emojis saw how Einstein paid with 💵 Dollar Banknote.
The Alien from Pluto wanted to see the 💵 Dollar Banknote better. For this purpose he pressed the green button. Emojis and Aliens could see every little detail of the 💵 Dollar Banknote. They wrote all details.
In the meantime came the local police to that place. The police wanted to blame them for counterfeiting of the 💵 Dollar Banknote. Suddenly disappeared Emojis with Aliens from that place. After these events started people to invent stories about Aliens. The disappeared Emojis landed in office of the third Horror Clown. At this second came the ruler and asked them what they did in his office. An Alien said that they came from a trip with a 💵 Dollar Banknote. The ruler wanted to see what it was. Later he said: "Stingy Emojis would like to see the 💵 Dollar Banknote because they liked money."
After this conversation decided Horror Clown to hide the 💵 Dollar Banknote.
In communication use people this symbol for Dollar banknote.


Dollar Banknote

Copy and paste Dollar Banknote


Unicode:  💵


For comparison how different 💵 Dollar Banknote looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows,  Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung, Google GMail, KDDI


Dollar Banknote on Apple iOS


Dollar Banknote on Google Android


Dollar Banknote on Facebook


Dollar Banknote on Microsoft Windows


Dollar Banknote on Twitter Twemoji


Dollar Banknote on JoyPixels


Dollar Banknote on Samsung

Google GMail


Dollar Banknote on Google GMail



Dollar Banknote KDDI


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