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 Emoji Dictionary Story:  Heart Emoji  





On this site is Heart Emoticon with image. Not to be confused with 💘 Hearts Emoji.



Heart Emoticon

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Following Emojis can be used for hearts:

💘 Heart With Arrow 


💓 Beating Heart


💔 Broken Heart


💖 Sparkling Heart


💗 Growing Heart


💙 Blue Heart


💚 Green Heart


💛 Yellow Heart


Red Heart


🧡 Orange Heart


💜 Purple Heart


🖤 Black Heart


🤍 White Heart


🤎 Brown Heart


💝 Heart With Ribbon


💞 Revolving Hearts


💕 Two Hearts


💟 Heart Decoration


Heavy Heart Exclamation


💌 Love Letter


Rotated Heavy Black Heart


Floral Heart


Rotated Floral Heart



😁 Smiley


😍 Heart Eyes Emoji


🥰 Smiling Face With 3 Hearts



👫 Human


💑 Couple with Heart



🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects


😻 Heart Eyes Cat



🎆 Entertainment


Heart Suit


White Heart Suit



🏤 Building


💒 Wedding


🏩 Hotel With Heart


More Hearts Emoji

💘 Hearts


Other Emoticons

:‑) Smiley, Happy Face


:‑D Laughing


:-)) Very Happy


:‑( Sad


:'‑( Crying


:'‑) Crying Laughing


D‑': Disgust


:‑O Surprise


:-* Kiss


;‑) Wink


:-, Smirk


:‑P Emoticon with stuck out tongue


:‑/ Undecided


:‑| Neutral


:$ Embarrassed


:‑X Sealed Lips


O:‑) Angel


>:‑) Devil


|;‑) Cool


|‑O Bored


:‑J Tongue-in-cheek


#‑) Party Face


%‑) Confused


:‑###.. Sick


<:‑| Dumb


',:-| Disbelief


@};- Rose


5:‑) Elvis Presley


*<|:‑) Santa Claus


~(_8^(I) Homer Simpson


=:o] Bill Clinton


(_⊃`) Donald Trump


7:^] Ronald Reagan


</3 Broken Heart


<3 Heart


><> Fish


\o/ Cheer


*\0/* Cheerleader


//0‑0\\ John Lennon


v.v Horror


O_O Surprised Emoticon


>.< Skeptical


^5 High Five


ӽd̲̅a̲̅r̲̅w̲̅i̲̅ɳ̲̅ᕗ Darwin Fish


( ͜͡ʖ ͡) Lenny Face


╭∩╮ Middle Finger Emoticon 





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