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🤎 Brown Heart

🤎- Brown Heart, to like food or drinks, Historians: one of most mysterious historical Hearts
The former national historian Ijome Cran visited the medical city of Heart Emoji several times because the Emoji wanted to know more about 🤎 Brown Heart. For this purpose he visited the Heart Emoji in his hometown. The 💛 Yellow Heart told Ijome that his friend 🦲 Bald Emoji worked in the garage with 🗜 Clamp. Suddenly, a blot appeared in the shape of 🤎 Brown Heart on the ground.
The curious Emoji went to that place. He was swallowed by 🤎 Brown Heart and landed in the future at the times of Bronze Stone Clown and first Horror Clown. At that time 🤡 Clowns came to the power and founded the Circus Union. The historical 🦲 Bald Emoji 👀 how several Emojis with 🧐 Face With Monocle demonstrated against too expensive 👓 Glasses and the stinginess of resellers from ♃ Jupiter.
After 633 seconds 🤎 Brown Heart called the 🦲 Bald Emoji to go into it. Later the historical Emoji was brought to the prison of the former last king of Emoji. At that second there was a bug in the program. The worker of the garage landed at the times of 🧞 Genie K who lived 301,856 days ago and worked as a guardian of the royal 🐕 Dogs of ♅ Uranus. The 🦲 Bald Emoji 👀 how 🖤 Black Heart became friends with him (🧞 Genie K) and motivated him to let all dogs out. They took power from ♅ Uranus and occupied the medical city of Heart Emoji.
When the garage worker saw them he reacted with 😢 Crying Face and asked 🤎 Brown Heart to bring him back to his time zone.
The 🤎 Brown Heart Emoji asked him for the first time: "Why do you want to flee from the future" After 336 seconds the 🦲 Bald Emoji returned to his time zone and told Heart Emoji at 🕕 Six O’clock in the garage of the city centre about his adventure in future events.
In communication use Emojis this symbol to like food or drinks in their social media networks.

🤎 Brown Heart is one of new Emojis in 2019.


Brown Heart


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Unicode:  🤎


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