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Map of Emoji

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Map of Emoji


The names of the cities and towns are:

Emoji SMS   Emoji SMS is the capital city of Emoji.


Heart Emoji   Heart Emoji is the medical city of Emoji. The city had a very adventurous history.


Japanese Emoji  Japnaese Emoji is the city where Japanese people lived.


Emoji Opinion  Emoji Opinion is the city where lawyers and politicians get their education.


Emoji Pop  Emoji Pop is the occupied town by Salted Cucumbers of music.


Emoji Meanings   Emoji Meanings is one of the biggest cities in Emoji with a lot of dust and Horror Clowns 😏.


Emoji Meaning  Emoji Meaning is the town of stingy Emojis. There, ordinary citizens were motivated to be thrifty.


Emoji Town   Emoji Town is the capital of the army.


Middle Finger Emoji   Middle Finger Emoji is known for its best earth in the country for agriculture.


Emoji Face   Emoji Face represents the average face of a resident.


Emoji Clown   Emoji Clown is famous for its best circus in Emoji.


Emoji Free  Emoji Free is the city of freedom. The city is known for its cosmetics products.


Emoji App  Emoji App is the high tech city in Emoji.


Emoji Keyboard  Emoji Keyboard is known for the first historical keyboard of Emoji.


Emoji Symbols  Emoji Symbols has the most arrogant residents among politicians.


Emoji Art   Emoji Art is the town of gifted artists.


Emoji List  Emoji List is the university city because there are a lot of universities.


Emoji For PC  Emoji for PC had a special reason to get its name because of archaeological excavations.


Emoji Copy Paste  Emoji Copy Paste is famous for its best photocopiers in Emoji.


Emoji 2   Emoji 2 was for a long time the second city. Later all residents had to be evacuated.


Crying Laughing Emoji   Crying Laughing Emoji is the city of eucalyptuses.


Laughing Emoji     Laughing Emoji is the city where Emojis invented the famous laughing formula.


Heart Eyes Emoji    Heart Eyes Emoji is the religious capital city where monks live.


Alien Emoji   Alien Emoji has always two rulers in its town. Aliens are in the majority.


Poop Emoji   Poop Emoji is best known for its long-standing resistance against income taxes.


Sad Emoji   Sad Emoji got its name because a royal born baby had a sad face. The royal family did not want to suffer from sadness.


Cute Emoji   Cute Emoji is the city of sweets.


Star Emoji   Star Emoji got its name because of the first born Star-shaped Emoji.



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