The list of 19 Independence Day Emojis with Twitter Images

The following 19 Emojis can be used in connection with Independence Day. After independence of Emoji from Circus Country celebrated many Emojis above all in the capital Emoji SMS. The reason was that their residents hoped to benefit from the new status of their city. After the historical demonstration against income taxes in Poop Emoji several local mathematicians that old-age pensions were much lower than in the neighboring country (Circus Country). Many retired Emojis went to a big demonstration against king Devil Emoji. That was of no use. At that time Horror Juggler the ruler of Circus Country started to get every year on the Independence Day of Emoji a sea of letters of complaint from retired Emojis to help them to increase their pensions. The king of Emoji was stubborn. Horror Juggler warned him that he should increase the pensions of his retired residents if not, he started to work on a surprise plan. Devil Emoji sent several soldiers who had the job to 馃挘 bomb several retirement homes in Emoji for PC. In the city of Emoji Face started many residents to protest against Devil Emoji after this event. The king of Emoji sent several soldiers who doused demonstrators with petrol. After this event many residents from Emoji Face started to call for help worldwide (on planet Halloween), but no one wanted to help them. Horror Juggler said that he will not accept such behavior and will prepare a plan to protect discriminated Emojis.
That's why not all Emojis celebrate their independence. Happy Independence Day!

1. 馃椊 Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

2. 馃啌 FREE Button

FREE Button

3. 馃帀 Party Popper

Party Popper

4. 馃帄 Confetti Ball

Confetti Ball

5. 馃巻 Fireworks


6. 馃巼 Sparkler


7. 馃Ж Firecracker


8. 馃帠 Military Medal

Military Medal

9. 馃コ Partying Face

Partying Face

10. 馃ぃ Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Rolling On The Floor Laughing

11. 馃槀 Face with Tears of Joy

Face with Tears of Joy

12. 馃拑 Woman Dancing

Woman Dancing

13. 馃暫 Man Dancing

Man Dancing

14. 馃幏 Saxophone


15. 馃 Drum


16. 馃こ Selfie


17. 馃Ё Red Envelope

Red Envelope

18. 馃嚭馃嚫 Flag: United States

Flag: United States

19. 馃嚪馃嚭馃馃嚭馃嚘 Flag: Kievan Rus

Flag: Kievan Rus


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