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Morality short stories

War reaction of Martians on Mercury: With tons of chocolate

The first inventor fees. - Good King

Drinking nine liters of soft drink and the consequences thereof

Six hooligans music in the cemetery place

Twelve bakers were suspended in the Salted Cucumbers after violent arrest

Bulls go for their food through hell

Explosion of international refrigerator

Venus male alien disposed of prohibited waste in Mercury

Bear Cave and the visit of the paradoxical dictator

Protesters enrich their President with onions litter

Aliens throw cucumber soups plate

Mr. Stingy and friends want the tenfold of their credit back

Pizza eaters should pay financially for excessive consumption in Venus

Paper consumption is growing for bans

Envious Venus aliens on extraterrestrials from Deimos

Earth crisis

Urban planners Ob Eron from the Oberon talking

Syn Tax fulfilled her dream job

The rescue of the victims by three-class principle

Large alarm because of paper ship

The Greys wanted mushroom collecting ban for the Bears

33 questions to Chestnut Teal of the university Andromeda Galaxy

Red prominence burnt orange carpet

A piece of hope for the potato thief

Singer Pest Control wants the spotlight back

Jupiter Pink boss Lean On in-depth interview

The spies from Mars were discovered because of their fingerprints in Venus

Star pirate Dance Award in Interview

GPS head Chel Smile

Interview with the city programmers Anti Malware from Saturn

The wise organization of Uranus rulers

The Jupiter aliens threatens a hot war between the various layers to escalate

Exchange Legend Invest Money in exclusive interview

A car theft with many consequences in Jupiter

Envelope producer Deposit Account in an interview about entrepreneurship

The rise of Second Horror Clowns

Mr. Credit Card is one of the most successful lenders in Saturn

Biography of supreme head of the credit company from the Saturn Credit Card


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