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Read short stories of alien Sweasy26


Alien Sweasy26 lives with a webmaster and tells him short stories about different aliens.

In the following list you can see some of his stories.

The places are from Mercury up to other planets. The topics of the stories are included from fun up to personalities.


Why time is relative

Long power failure in Neptune because of inner magnet

Star pirate Dance Award in Interview

GPS head Chel Smile

The magical power of water

The Jupiter aliens threatens a hot war between the various layers to escalate

The celebrities Sun and Beta Rise prepare for the red carpet

Interview with the city programmer Anti Malware from Saturn

The wise organization of Uranus rulers

The paper rocket of the Mercury aliens

Exchange Legend Invest Money in exclusive interview

A car theft with many consequences in Jupiter

Emoji the country

Envelope producer Deposit Account in an interview about entrepreneurship

The rise of Second Horror Clowns

Moonlight Killer in exciting Interview

Anydvd Old rejuvenated his government

Mr. Credit Card is one of the most successful lenders in Saturn

Biography of supreme head of the credit company from the Saturn Credit Card




Happy reading from Sweasy26.com-team

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