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🤸 Person Cartwheeling

🤸- Person Cartwheeling, cartwheel, gymnastics
The most 😷 Doctors warn Emojis against 🤸 Cartwheel because if the head is 🙃 Upside-Down that can cause the bad blood circulation.
The second elected dictator decided to study the 🤸 Cartwheeling Person with his 🔬 Microscope. He found out that this type of gymnastics can be very dangerous for the health of Emojis. That's why this Emoji forbade the 🤸 Cartwheeling Person in the whole country. Several 🤡 Clowns protested against that decision because they wanted to do 🤸 Cartwheel in circus. On a Monday the former uppermost influential tax collector was kidnapped by his opponents after the end of his workday. They showed him the 🤸 Cartwheeling Person and forced him to imitate. The most hated Emoji pressed a button in his pocket. At that second came very fast several Emojis who worked as bodyguards of tax collectors. The Emoji tried to waste the time and avoided the imitation of 🤸 Cartwheeling Person. After 2424 seconds several bodyguards came and started to threaten with their 🔮 Crystal Ball the kidnappers.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for cartwheeling person.


Person Cartwheeling


Unicode:  🤸


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