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🔤 Input Latin Letters

🔤- Input Latin Letters, ABC, abc, alphabet, 3 first Latin letters
One day the former uppermost tax collector found in his office a document with 🔤 ABC.
The most hated Emoji tried to understand what the 🔤 Input Latin Letters symbol meant. He started to search for an encyclopedia. That Emoji found a dusty 📗 Green Book. There he found the 🔤 Latin letters. The tax collector started to learn the 🔤 first three Latin letters. At that time the first elected dictator came to him. The ruler asked this Emoji what he did. The tax collector said: "🔤 ABC". After this event and different adventures decided the first dictator to command that all Emojis should start to learn the 🔤 Input Latin Letters because in the future Emojis will be very popular among Earthlings.
When Emojis for the first time saw the 🔤 ABC, they reacted 😛.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for the first three Latin letters.


Input Latin Letters


Unicode:  🔤


Heavy Plus Sign

Heavy Minus Sign

Heavy Division Sign

Heavy Large Circle

Double Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Question Mark

Wavy Dash

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🔡 Input Latin Lowercase

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