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🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down

🔻- Red Triangle Pointed Down, downward, past, backward
An Emoji decided to replace the button-down in his 🏠 with 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down for his lift (elevator).
That Emoji hoped to pay less income taxes because he obeyed the uppermost tax collector. One day two Emojis pressed the 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down button in that building. They landed instead of fourth floor, 14,666 days in the past.
At that time the first Horror Clown wrote every Sunday in his 📙 Orange Book about his political successes.
The both Emojis saw the Horror Clown before their 👀 Eyes. They were very 😣. At that second other Emojis pressed the 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down button. After 777 seconds came their neighbors to both Emojis. The Horror Clown asked them why they came to him and how they were authorized. Emojis told about their new 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down button that should bring them downward and not to the past. The famous professor Setag Lib noticed in ♇ Pluto that a student connected the 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down of that building with the past. That's why he had to change the code in his 💻 Personal Computer.
Later returned all Emojis from the times of the first Horror Clown to their time.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for red triangle pointed down or for downward.


Red Triangle Pointed Down


Unicode:  🔻


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