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🌵 Cactus

🌵- Cactus, dry climate, hot places, desert
Sometimes experienced Emojis very dry climate when they were abroad. After their return they used often 🌵 cactus as symbol for dry and hot places. Especially Emojis who were in Venus remember 🌵  cactus from their trips.
One day brought an Emoji a 🌵 cactus with purple flowers from the desert. He was arrested because of illegal import of 🌵 cactus from Venus to Halloween. Later that Emoji got the 🌵 cactus back. The problem was that Emojis feared 🌵 cactus because of their needles. Later the owner of 🌵 cactus promised to store it carefully.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for cactus and hot places.




Unicode:  🌵


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