❌ Cross Mark

❌- Cross Mark, multiplication sign, close a window (computer)
Two average Emojis walked in the forest behind eucalypts in Crying Laughing Emoji. There they found on a tree a big ❌ Cross Mark.
Later those Emojis returned. When they slept, could the famous 👽 Alien Non Sense appear in the dreams of each Emoji who saw that ❌ Cross Mark. He told to them: "I promised who will find as the first my ❌ sign that I did, when I came for the first time to eucalypts, will be able to found an own tax authority to earn 💰 Money, but only when I will be dead since 25,555 days."
Later every Emoji woke up and ran to the mirror. There each Emoji found a green ❌ Cross Mark on his forehead.
When both Emojis saw each other, they reacted 😱. They started to search for a solution online.
Later a historian recommended both Emojis to return to eucalypts where the big ❌ Cross Mark was.
After 1680 hours disappeared both ❌ Cross Marks from their forehead.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for cross mark or if they want to close a window.


Cross Mark

Copy and paste Cross Mark

Unicode:  ❌


For comparison how different ❌ Cross Mark looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung, Google GMail, Softbank, KDDI


Cross Mark on Apple iOS


Cross Mark on Google Android


Cross Mark on Facebook


Cross Mark on Microsoft Windows


Cross Mark on Twitter Twemoji


Cross Mark on JoyPixels


Cross Mark on Samsung

Google GMail


Cross Mark on Google GMail



Cross Mark on Softbank



Cross Mark KDDI


Ballot Box


Ballot Box With Check


Ballot Box With X




White Heavy Check Mark


Check Mark


Heavy Check Mark


Multiplication X


Heavy Multiplication X


Ballot X


Heavy Ballot X


Cross Mark Button

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