馃ジ Disguised Face

馃ジ- Disguised Face, face with eyebrows (馃え), 馃憮 Glasses, 馃憙 Nose and moustache, Groucho Marx, Groucho Glasses
On planet Earth: The 馃ジ Disguised Face was created by the comedian Groucho Marx.
Among Emojis is the second mention of 馃ジ Disguised Face was found in a 馃摑 Memo of Sad Emoji that he used to fight his sadness on 鈽 Rainy days. The most famous 馃樂 Doctor and politician Heart Emoji recommended to wear a 馃ジ Disguised Face mask during the times of invasion of 馃枻 Black Heart. Some researchers recommend wearing the 馃ジ Disguised Face mask against viruses on the planet Halloween.
According to their opinion, one should encounter the viruses with a 馃槉 Smiling Face and not with a sad facial expression. This strengthens immunity.
An average Emoji wears the 馃ジ Disguised Face mask every year on 1st of November at Halloween party.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for disguised face or to improve mood.

馃ジ Disguised Face is one of new Emojis in 2020.


Disguised Face

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Unicode:  🥸


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馃ゲ Smiling Face With Tear

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