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🤬 Face With Symbols On Mouth

🤬- Face With Symbols On Mouth, rant, grumble, bad language, profanity, Secret Service: criminals
The second elected dictator bought on a Thursday several 📰 Newspapers and started to search there for articles with his name.
For this purpose this Emoji needed the help of a 📹 Video Camera. His problem was that there were no search engines at that time 😏.
He found his name in connection with an international contract with the country of Vampires. There the dictator was accused to buy outdated ☎ Telephones for too high prices. The Emoji reacted with a 🤬 Face With Symbols On Mouth.
One day Bronze Stone Clown blamed the first Horror Clown because he organized the army badly. The future ruler of the Circus Union got a 🤬 Face With Symbols On Mouth. He swore to prove to everyone what he was capable of.
In the secret language of the local Secret Service use Emojis the 🤬 Face With Symbols On Mouth in connection with criminals.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for face with symbols on mouth.


Face With Symbols On Mouth


Unicode:  🤬


🤑 Money-Mouth Face

🙁 Slightly Frowning Face

🤯 Exploding Head

🤪 Crazy Face

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