⏸ Pause Button

⏸- Pause Button,  double vertical bar
Students use the ⏸ Pause Button because they need to 👂 their own recorded voice. The first elected dictator told young Emojis how he prepared for the exams. 1. He recorded himself on an audio cassette. The Emoji asked himself questions. 2. He pressed the ⏸ Pause Button and answered the first question. 3. The dictator pressed the ▶ Play Button to 👂 the next question. 4. He pressed the ⏸ Pause Button and repeated the step numbers 2-4. After that visit the first dictator got 👏 Applause.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for pause button.


Pause Button

Copy and paste Pause Button

Unicode:  ⏸


For comparison how different ⏸ Pause Button looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung

Pause Button on Apple iOS


Pause Button on Google Android


Pause Button on Facebook


Pause Button on Microsoft Windows


Pause Button on Twitter Twemoji


Pause Button on JoyPixels


Pause Button on Samsung


Stop Button


Record Button


Eject Button

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