馃┑ Light Blue Heart

馃┑- Light Blue Heart, other Unicode meanings: cyan, light blue, teal, in Emoji: Nephew of the most famous doctor Heart Emoji
On a warm autumn day 馃┑ Light Blue Heart wanted to visit the 馃彙 House with Garden that was in the middle of the forest. He used a special 馃獎 Magic Wand that could make him faster. After 213 minutes 馃┑ Light Blue Heart found that place. There he found a 馃尯 Hibiscus. After 馃┑ Light Blue Heart touched the flower, his reality changed fast. Instead of the forest that Emoji was in an old 馃彫 Department Store that was built 400,424 days ago by 鈾 Pluto. There he met the historical 馃Σ Bald Emoji (about him 馃┑ Light Blue Heart learned in history class). At that second the historical Emoji asked 馃┑ Light Blue Heart if he could give him a job. The reason was that the 馃Σ Bald Emoji lost his job again for the fifth time. 馃┑ Light Blue Heart was 馃槧 because he wanted to return 馃彔. After a conversation the two Emojis decided to go to the garage where the 馃Σ Bald Emoji worked before. He showed the nephew of Heart Emoji the mysterious place where different things happened. The historical Emoji found a dusty 馃獪 Ladder behind the 馃毆 Door. He used it to change the 馃挕 Light Bulb. His work caused the largest power outage in history at that time. Many residents of the city reacted 馃槺. The reality of 馃┑ Light Blue Heart Emoji changed again. At 馃晿 Nine O鈥檆lock that Emoji woke up and wrote this dream in his 馃摂 Notebook with Decorative Cover.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for light blue heart.

馃┑ Light Blue Heart is one of new Emojis in 2023.


Light Blue Heart

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Unicode:  🩵


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