馃 Folding Hand Fan

馃- Folding Hand Fan, other Unicode meanings: cooling, dance, fan, flutter, hot, shy, in Emoji: tool to fight 馃 Mosquito in the kitchen
In Emoji every 馃鈥嶐煃 Cook uses 馃 Folding Hand Fan in the kitchen because of all flying insects that could become a part of the food.
The modern design of 馃 Folding Hand Fan was found 80294 days ago in the city of Emoji for PC with 馃Г Gloves. Historians could prove that the first modern and oldest 馃 Folding Hand Fan was found in an underground bunker in an amusing 馃彔 House in Heart Eyes Emoji. 557 days ago several archaeologists could find on it "Made in Heart Emoji". After these events 馃┓ Pink Heart told in an interview that during protests of female residents in Heart Emoji for female votes, the first 馃 Folding Hand Fan was used. Later a historian found a 馃摐 Scroll of the mayor of the medical city. There he wrote: "I had a nightmare today, my wife waved with a 馃 Folding Hand Fan a big 馃悵 Honeybee to my direction after a dispute. I was bitten severely and painfully." The historian saw in this text a proof for the existence of the first 馃 Folding Hand Fan in Heart Emoji.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for folding hand fan.

馃 Folding Hand Fan is one of new Emojis in 2023.


Folding Hand Fan

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Unicode:  🪭


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