馃攼 Locked with Key

馃攼- Locked with Key, close the door, hide a secret or money
At the times of the stingy tax authority tried the most Emojis and Aliens to hide their money from the stinginess of the tax collectors. For this purpose they searched for the 馃攼 Locked with Key symbol. In Star Emoji hid Stars their money and 馃攼 Locked with Key their treasures. In modern times use Emojis the 馃攼 sign in the army or Secret Service because they need to protect their documents or weapons. One day used an Emoji the 馃攼 Locked with Key symbol on his window.
Later he saw how criminals tried to destroy his window.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for locked with key or to close something.


Locked With Key

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Unicode:  🔐


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Locked With Key KDDI


馃攺 Locked With Pen


馃攽 Key


馃敀 Locked


馃敁 Unlocked


馃泟 Baggage Claim


馃泤 Left Luggage


Squared Key




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