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🦼 Motorized Wheelchair

🦼- Motorized Wheelchair, mode of transport with a motor for disabled to 🚸
There are also 👨‍🦼 Man In Motorized Wheelchair Emoji and 👩‍🦼 Woman In Motorized Wheelchair Emoji with different skin tones.
Until now, only the ♿ Wheelchair Symbol Emoji existed in Unicode.
2,100,998 days ago Direct Message wrote in his 📚 Books about the future inability to 🚸 walk of different residents of the universe because of his mistake. That's why he had to sketch a plan of the first 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair. Heart Emoji found that plan on a Sunday when he visited the garage of the city centre. He asked his father 💚 Green Heart Emoji if he used a 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair for disabled Emojis. His father told that there was a special 🛵 Motor Scooter for disabled Emojis at that time but it wasn't too comfortable.
The problem of Heart Emoji was that he was not able to build it himself. At that time the plan of 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair had to wait some time for the realization.
It was not until 22,223 days later that the first 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair was built. The reason was that many Emojis got a 🤕 Face With Head-Bandage because of the incorrect use of 🦽 Manual Wheelchair.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for motorized wheelchair.

🦼 Motorized Wheelchair is one of new Emojis in 2019.

Motorized Wheelchair

Copy and paste Motorized Wheelchair


Unicode:  🦼


For comparison how different 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung


Motorized Wheelchair on Apple iOS


Motorized Wheelchair on Google Android


Motorized Wheelchair on Facebook


Motorized Wheelchair on Microsoft Windows


Motorized Wheelchair on Twitter Twemoji


Motorized Wheelchair on JoyPixels


Motorized Wheelchair on Samsung


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