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🧂 Salt

🧂- Salt, common salt, table salt
The second elected dictator liked to use 🧂 Salt in his food. In early January the owner of a 🧂 Salt company got a bill from the tax authority. That Emoji reacted 😕. He started to search for opponents of the income taxes online and offline.
For this purpose this Emoji went to a lawyer. Among opponents were extreme Emojis. Their leader wanted to 🧂 Salt the tax declaration as protest against the income taxes. The owner of the company liked this💡. This Emoji donated 111 terabytes of 🧂 Salt. When tax collectors got those tax returns, they reacted 🤧 Sneezing. Later the 🧂 Salt company owner supported clever Emojis who organized the demonstration against the income taxes in Poop Emoji.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for salt.

On planet Earth: Earthlings need patience until the publication in 2018.




Unicode:  🧂


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