馃 Stuffed Flatbread

馃- Stuffed Flatbread, doner kebab, shawarma, gyros, roujiamo
The zoo worker asked the both rulers if they wanted to eat 馃 Shawarma. The first elected dictator wanted to try it.
The Horror Clown started to search for his 馃攳 Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass. The Emoji became suspicious. The dictator took his 馃拤 Syringe. At that minute 馃悈 Tiger got 馃 Stuffed Flatbread. The two rulers from different times started to 馃憖.
The Horror Clown wanted to know how that Emoji could replace the king. The first dictator ate his 馃 Doner Kebab and told him about the end of Circus Union after the death of last Horror Clown. The famous first Horror Clown reacted 馃樀.
The zoo worker gave him his 馃 Stuffed Flatbread that he wanted to eat as breakfast. After 7 minutes seven green Emojis came. They started to study the first dictator and Horror Clown. They asked them: "Where are you from"
At that time the professor Setag Lib in Pluto woke up and noticed a problem in the software. He corrected it. He found a 馃 Shawarma on his table.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for stuffed flatbread.


Stuffed Flatbread

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Unicode:  🥙


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