⭐ White Medium Star

⭐- White Medium Star, Horror Clown: award for Stars from Star Emoji
After the victory against Egoists from Mars praised the first Horror Clown courageous Stars with ⭐ White Medium Star award.
Those Emojis were among the best winners at that time. 7306 days ago the uppermost tax collector visited the city of Star Emoji because he wanted to honor a local taxpayer with ⭐ White Medium Star. At that time commanded the most hated Emoji to place the ⭐ White Medium Star on every tax declaration of taxable Stars. A historian told that the most famous resident of Star Emoji used a special ⭐ White Medium Star to charge energy.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for white medium star.




Copy and paste White Medium Star

Unicode:  ⭐


For comparison how different ⭐ White Medium Star looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows,  Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung, SoftBank, KDDI


Star on Apple iOS


Star on Google Android


Star on Facebook


Star on Microsoft Windows


Star on Twitter Twemoji


Star on JoyPixels


Star on Samsung



Star on SoftBank




Star Emoji with Face


Star Emoji with Face

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