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⛴ Ferry

⛴- Ferry
After the victory against Egoists from Mars commanded the first Horror Clown to build a modern ⛴ Ferry of silver and gold. An Emoji who participated there, placed a 📛 Name Badge with his name, age and address. This Emoji wrote: "To the finder in the future: If you will read this, can you please inform me?"
21,999 days later commanded the ruler of Circus Country to examine and repair the old ⛴ Ferry.
He wanted to prepare the ⛴ Ferry for celebrations of the victory against aliens from South Mars.
A Clown told that the silver of the ⛴ Ferry changed its colour. That's why workers had to open different parts of the ⛴ Ferry. An Emoticon found there the 📛 Name Badge of the Emoji. He read. Later he informed other workers. The ruler of Circus Country commanded to find this Emoji. After 16 days the old Emoji was found. He reacted 😂. The old Emoji told in an interview with a 📰 Newspaper that he never believed that he could experience the finding of his note in the ⛴ Ferry. The old Emoji was invited to the celebrations of the victory against Mars to the capital city of Circus Country. There he was guest of honor.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for ferry.




Unicode:  ⛴


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Restricted Left Entry-1

Restricted Left Entry-2


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