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🌶 Hot Pepper

🌶- Hot Pepper, chili pepper, chilli
When first Horror Clown came to power, he commanded to import 🌶 Hot Pepper from Mercury or Saturn because he wanted to eat spicy food as sign of his power. At that time several Emojis, Clowns, Emoticons and 🧛 Vampires flew to Mercury. There they searched for  🌶 Hot Peppers. A local business owner told that he produced special variety of gilded 🌶 Hot Pepper.
Opponents of Horror Clown wanted to buy it. The majority decided against it. At that time the uppermost Egoist from Mars started to 💣 Bomb different places of the former Circus Union. The Horror Clown commanded to all residents to return to union.
An Emoji used a 🌶 Hot Pepper to poison a high-ranking commander of Easter Eggs during the war with Mars.
Later the ruler of Circus Union gave that Emoji an award in the shape of 🌶 Chili Pepper.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for hot pepper or chili pepper.


Hot Pepper


Unicode:  🌶


🥕 Carrot


🥒 Cucumber


🥬 Leafy Green


🥦 Broccoli


🥜 Peanuts


🧄 Garlic


🧅 Onion

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