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🧄 Garlic

🧄- Garlic
340,445 days ago the gifted politician and future 😷 Doctor Heart Emoji recommended for sick Emojis to have a 🧄 Garlic during sleep.
Many residents of Heart Emoji tried it with closed windows in their bedroom. After these events many farmers specialized in the cultivation of 🧄 Garlic.
The historical Emoji noted this in 📜 Scroll that was found by a professor who came from other reality with his time machine. The professor Emoji was looking for stopping aging. He wanted to find the famous Heart Emoji in the medical city. Because this failed, he had to access other sources. The professor Emoji found in 🧄 Garlic special biomaterial. At the same time, the Emoji examined 🧅 Onion. There he also found a suspicious biomaterial.
Later professor Emoji took his ⚗ Alembic and mixed the biomaterials of 🧄 Garlic and 🧅 Onion. The resulting fluid he gave 🐹 Hamster and 🐁 Mouse.
The both animals were able to live for an above-average length of time. Their aging was also stopped. The professor took the biomaterials of 🧄 Garlic and 🧅 Onion and drank it himself. The Emoji himself benefited from his discovery. He couldn't age anymore.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for garlic.

🧄 Garlic is one of new Emojis in 2019.




🧄 Garlic on Twitter

Garlic on Twitter



Unicode:  🧄


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