☢ Radioactive Sign

☢- Radioactive Sign, ionizing radiation, Emojis: don't visit the city of Emoji 2
On planet Earth the ☢ Radioactive Sign is used to warn of ionizing radiation because it can be dangerous. Remains memorable the sad end of the former second largest city Emoji 2. After the evacuation of almost all residents at the times of the first Horror Clown. On his command had Emojis with 😷 mask to come and place several ☢ Radioactive Signs. In the end, only remained a single Emoji there who could not leave the city. Later that Emoji died.
The first Horror Clown commanded to teach young Emojis the ☢ Radioactive Sign as a warning to avoid every visit in the former city of Emoji 2.
In communication use Emojis this symbol as warning of visits the city of Emoji 2.

Radioactive Sign

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Unicode:  ☢


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