馃獩 Screwdriver

馃獩- Screwdriver, Psychologists: make someone 馃樀 Dizzy
Every Sunday at 馃暆 Two-Thirty in the afternoon the 馃Σ Bald Emoji got an SMS that the 馃毆 Door in the garage was broken.
He went to repair 鈿 It with 馃獩 Screwdriver. After 26 times, the owner of the building wanted to find out the reason.
For this purpose, invisible 馃摴 Video Camera has been installed. Later Emojis could see the reason very well.
A 馃懟 Ghost came on every 馃寖 Night With Stars to the 馃毆 Door and stole 馃敥 Nut And Bolt with green 馃獩 Screwdriver.
One day Emojis wanted to try to catch the thief. They came with 馃拤 Syringe and 馃敠 Flashlight and wanted to surprise the 馃懟 Ghost during his deed. The aim was to move him towards the corner with 馃敠 Flashlight. At 馃暃 Twelve O鈥檆lock the 馃懟 Ghost came with 馃獩 Screwdriver again to the garage. Because of the 馃挕 Light of 馃敠 he came to the corner.
There he was vaccinated against theft with 馃拤 Syringe. His 馃獩 Screwdriver changed the color from green to red. After these events, calm returned.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for screwdriver.

馃獩 Screwdriver is one of new Emojis in 2020.


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Unicode:  🪛


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Screwdriver on Facebook


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Screwdriver on Twitter Twemoji


Screwdriver on JoyPixels


Screwdriver on Samsung


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